About Us

Our goal:

To provide you with a fair and accurate description of the most popular dating sites. We do this by writing reviews, gathering honest opinions and experiences on various websites, offering tips and information on the latest dating sites and news, and the best thing is that we do it for free. 

The desired result? To help you make a good decision about the website you would like to sign up for.


What do we do?

We subscribe, use and create a review for every website listed in our site. We also work closely with dating the companies themselves and try to collect information on payment and number of users. This information is usually not available, unless you go through the lengthy registration process yourself!

Based on performance on all of the following factors:

    • Characteristics

    • Reliability

    • Security

    • Ease of use

    • Help and Support

We rank websites according to their average rating. We also ask you to share your experiences on the various websites listed and report when you are having problems, or success with our partners. As a community we are stronger and we can leverage this collective knowledge to make the best decisions for us as individuals.


What do we not do?

Despite the effort we put into this project, we cannot guarantee that you will find exactly what you are looking for by following our recommendations. Finding the right partner, friend, or casual friend depends on several factors, many of which we cannot control. We offer tips and recommendations and help. We do not offer solutions, friends, and girlfriends!


Do you need some help?

If you need any help concerning our site’s functionality, contact us via email at info @ date-mentor.com and we’ll reach out as soon as possible!

Happy and Safe Dating!